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Been out chasing butterflies and damsel and dragonflies. I only wish the little Skipper ones weren’t so difficult to tell apart.


RPS Nature Exhibition 2011

One of my butterfly images has been selected for the 2011 Royal Photographic Society Nature Group exhibition. No awards but it is a foot on the ladder, must now spend time taking better images to send in for my ARPS Distinction.

A butterfly on knapweed

Essex Skipper (Thymelicus lineola)

Published work

After taking photos for the Horse Agility training days I have had the article published in Local Rider magazine. This was for publicity and not a paid assigment.
Following this article I had another one published about Goring and District Riding Club’s Endurance Event.
Now must get some paid work!

Royal Photographic Society

Have just joined the RPS and hope to do either the Licentiateship or Associateship (in Nature Photography) depends on the standard I reach next year.

My gallery can be seen on the RPS site so take a look.

Crawley Comps

I was placed joint first in the Projected Digital Image competition atthe camera club, so now I am in the advanced group!
Am busy sorting out images for the next seasons competitions, will try to enter the print ones too. I have had some prints mounted by a local picture framer and will wait til after the first print round before selecting more.

Didn’t do as well this year in the club competitions, I am amongst some very talented and experienced photographers.

Camera Club

I put in 4 of my images for the Digital Image competition third round.
The third round had a very lenient judge and several people got 20’s, including three of my images, the fourth got 19 – so again I was extremely pleased.
Next year I will – no doubt – be in the advanced group so need even better images.
With this in mind I have just ordered a Canon 50D DSLR.

Crawley Camera Club

I have joined Crawley Camera Club and entered my first competition. Projected digital images, it was round 2 orf a 3 round competition – missed round one. Very pleased with the results – one maximum mark of 20; 2 of 19 and 1 of 16; total 74 out of 80 – the higest mark of the round. The photos can be seen on my Flickr page.


Please feel free to look at my pages, my Flickr images and my website.

I will try to keep up to date with my progress as I try to become a freelance photographer.