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My photographic journey, from auto to manual.


As Photobox is removing Pro Galleries I need to find another way for people to order photos. So I am playing with a trial of Zenfolio. I will only upload a few photos but then use Zenfolio for any new photoshoots/events. All the Photobox galleries will ceased to exist after August.


New website

I have just set up a new website but my old domain name isn’t redirecting yet. All the information you need is on this site.
Please contact me if you need any more information.

I may have to re-configure the new site, as there are some technical difficulties.

Well the tech guys have sorted out the problem and I have pointed my old domain name to the new site – so all is good.

GML Images

London 2014

I went to London in November with Reigate Photographic Society to see the ceramic poppies at the Tower of London. Plus we photographed some reflections in buildings for this seasons set subject.
It was a cold day with mixed lighting, the poppies were the hilight and well worth the visit.
Some of the poppy photos are on Flickr London Poppies 2014


Some horses I photographed in a local bluebell wood.

A collage of horses in a bluebell wood.

A collage of horses in a bluebell wood.

Beach Ride

At the weekend I went to the beach with my daughter and some friends. They had a superb time despite being buzzed by a paramotor. Here are some of the photos from that and other photo shoots.

Beach Ride

GML Equine……
GML Equine

A more positive way.

A more positive way.. A blog of my journey with my new equine partner.

Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo have used (with permission) one of my harvest mouse images. It is displayed in their small mammal house, I view it as free advertising.

Harvest Mouse

Harvest Mouse

Guest Blog: A confidence story


I have bought a license for JAlbum and made some galleries to test the features. It seems easy to use and will be useful as I can harness MacMates ability to password protect folders – very handy for client galleries.

Easy to add to any website and now I have a license I can add them to sites I make for other people.

Wildlife Gallery

Equine Gallery

Benji and Tibbe

Went to visit a friend today – her horses are very photogenic Hafflingers.

Only managed a few images but they came out OK despite the inclement weather we seem to be having in this season we call Summer.